Welcome to the new site for Award-winning artistic creator

- singer, composer, pianist, writer, producer,

conductor and music educator


Joiner's varied musical output -

embracing classical, jazz, pop and experiments in sound

- is an ongoing expression of his experiences, abilities,

interests, and thoughts.  It is a way of marking the passage of time and

connecting the universal human experience from which all music springs.

"For most of us, there is only the

unattended Moment,

the moment in and out of time,
... the waterfall, or music heard so

deeply that it is not heard at all, but you

are the musicwhile the music lasts."   - T.S. Eliot

"Scott Joiner [is] not only a fabulous  singer, but also very well read, and a sparkling  pianist. Today he is also one of the most  exciting musical dramatists of my own generation, in a landscape at the intersection of opera and musical theater."

 - Composer MARCUS PAUS, Ballade (Norway) 

Video Issue LXVIII, Tingen på terskelen, 2020